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Buying a house is probably for most of us the biggest investment we make in our lifetime. 1SSA can help you to make the right decision. Our reports provide you with detailed information about things that might put, you and your house value at risk.
For only $5.99 per report (Or $49.99 for 10 reports) we can save you hours of research. Realtors, please contact us for volume discounts.

Airports/Flight Paths

Airtraffic noise can be one of th emost annoying things in your new home. It actually also can bring down the value of your property significantly. We provide maps that show potential sources of airtraffic noise.

Weather Hazards

Your home can be destroyed in a matter of minutes when a tornado or other weather hazards hit it. Worse, it can put the lives of your family and yours at risk. We provide maps showing with historic weather hazards.

Potential Sinkhole Areas

Many areas in the United States have the potential for so called Sinkholes. These sinkholes can literally have your whole home sink into the ground. We use historic data from geographical surveys to show sinkhole areas.


We provide you with information about potential routes that are being used for the transportation of hazarduous material by rail. Rail accidents could have disasterous impacts on the environment.

Hazardous Industry

We pull information from various databases that have industry registered, handling hazarduous chemicals or creating other hazards for its environment. We use this data to provide you with a map of those industries.

Key Infrastructure                         

We provide you with a map and list of key infrastructure that can make your life easier. For example hospitals, grocessery stores, schools, etc. This information will help you to feel at home.

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