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A sample of maps...

Above you will find four sample maps that we use in our reports. Please klick on the image, to see a magnified version of the map.

Noise from Airport flight traffic

We provide you with locations of airports (including Helicopter landing places) and the potential flight pattern, based on their runway direction. Then we try to calcualte which flight traffic might be the worst for your location.

Wind, Tornados and Hail

We provide you with a map that shows historic locations of hail, damaging winds and also paths of tornados that were in the area.

Potential Sinkhole Areas

This map provides you with data about potential sinkhole areas in the location. Sinkholes can come to existens due to various factors. We differentiate the different ground formations, to help you evaluate the location.

Potential Harzardous Industry

This map shows hazardous industry around your location. We include not only chemical hazards but also potential noise hazards (e.g. wind mill farms), if the data is available.

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